Age of the earth

4.54 billiion years

Modern Humans

Anatomically modern humans originated in Africa about 250,000 years ago

Ice age

ice age implies the presence of extensive ice sheets in the northern and southern hemispheres;[1] by this definition we are still in the ice age that began at the start of the Pleistocene (because the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets still exist)

Interglacial Period

An Interglacial period (or alternatively interglacial) is a geological interval of warmer global average temperature that separates consecutive glacial periods within an ice age

Last glacial period

The end of the last glacial period was about 12,500 years ago


The current goelogical epoch that began 12,000 years ago.Human civilization, in its most widely used definition, dates entirely within the Holocene


The Pleistoceneis the epoch from 2.588 million to 12,000 years


Dominan for over 160 million years, from the late Triassic period (about 230 million years ago) until the end of the Cretaceous period (about 65 million years ago),