Download Oracle Linux 5.8

I chose this version because its the version we're using at work

Went to the oracle Software deleivery cloud at https://edelivery.oracle.com/linux and selected

Oracle Linux Release 5 Update 8 Media Pack for x86 (32 bit)

The downloaded file was called V31119-01.iso

The readme file just says

Oracle Linux Release 5 Update 8 Media Pack v1 for x86 (32 bit)

Oracle Linux Release 5.8 is released through Oracle eDelivery on DVD ISO image.
 The set contains installable DVD and a source code DVD.

Most systems can be booted with the installation DVD.


To install Oracle Linux 5.8 from DVD media, follow the following steps:

1. Download the binary iso DVD images

Download Oracle Linux 5.8 DVD from Oracle eDelivery. You do not need to download 
 Source DVD to install Oracle Linux.

2. Verify the downloaded media

Verify the downloaded file by comparing its sha1sum or md5sum with the published 
 sha1sum or md5sum.

3. Write the DVD image to DVD

Use your favorite cd burning software to write this image directly to DVD.
 You should not simply copy the files onto the DVD. You must use a DVD burner
 that can accept an iso image as input, and which can create a bootable DVD 
 from it. To test if you have burned the image correctly, insert a burned 
 DVD and ensure that multiple files and directories are visible. 

5. Insert the DVD, and boot

Insert the DVD into your system, boot from DVD, and follow the on-screen instructions
 to deploy Oracle Linux!

Please visit http://linux.oracle.com for more information.

I'd like to boot from a USB flash drive.

Downloaded ISO to USB and installed

Inserted a memory stick that I didn't mind being erased

Ran the program, selected the iso file and the memory stick, FAT32, and clicked Burn. It took a few minutes. When finished it display an Information box to say that it has successfully completed.

When the USB Flash drive had been prepared I rebooted the pc, opened the boot menu, and changed the boot drive to the flash drive.

But I couldn't get the pc to boot from the flash drive. The machine is quite old, made in 2007

Copied the iso to a DVD (I used Roxio to burn the image to DVD, as this was on the PC).

Changed the boot drive to CD and rebooted.

Got the Oracle install screen, and chose to install in graphical mode.

A dialog appeared inviting me to test the CD before installing. This displayed a progress bar 'Checking Oracle Linux Server 5.8 DVD'

When the installation got as far as the video drivers the monitor went blamk and nothing more happened.

Rebooted, got the Oracle install screen, and chose to install in text mode.

Set the password to password

There were some options about what I would be using the softare for. I picked Software Development and Web Server.

System came up, and I could sign in as root.

I can now access the server using putty from my windows laptop

Set the machine name in the Hosts File

The "/etc/hosts" file must contain a fully qualified name for the server. So I added a line that sets my machine name to 'myoel'       localhost.localdomain  localhost   myoel.localdomain  myoel
hostname myoel.localdomain vi /etc/sysconfig/network NETWORKING=yes NETWORKING_IPV6=yes HOSTNAME=myoel.localdomain added DISPLAY=myoel:0.0; export DISPLAY to .bashrc DISPLAY=localhost:0.0; export DISPLAY